At HMCCC, we strive to love as Jesus loved. We want not only to share but also to be the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth. This is reflected in how we respect and care for one another, as well for as our brothers and sisters around the world. Within our own community, all are welcome, for we believe that our fellowship is enriched by the diversity of God’s people. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and to grow in his or her own faith. It’s okay if we interpret the scriptures and social issues differently, for we know that God can speak to us in different ways. He certainly cannot be confined to a box of human making! In humility, therefore, we focus not on any differences we might have but rather on what we have in common—love for God and for one another.

We welcome any questions you might have. We also welcome your participation in any of our services, studies, or outreach programs. May God bless you in your search for acceptance, encouragement, spiritual growth, a caring community, and the opportunity to make a difference in today’s world.