What's Your Circle?

Instead of departments and meetings, we have an exciting program in place--a comprehensive program based on Jesus as found in the gospels.  It’s a program based on Jesus’ servanthood, which he constantly practiced by offering those around him not only the support of community but also the ministries of  compassion,  forgiveness, hope, peace, and justice.  It’s a program in which we are called to have integrity and live our lives as Jesus did, as servants, servants to God and servants to humanity.  It’s a program in which we as individuals and as church seek to be true to the deepest teachings of Jesus and at the same time grow closer to God (through the Community Circle) as we  make a difference in our world today (through the Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Justice, and Peace Circles).  Look through our circle ministries, and consider where God is tugging at your heart to grow in love and to make a difference in today’s world.